Second Saturday Sports Is Everything You Need In A Sports Blog Some Of What You Need Or Nothing Of What You Need At All


usa of sports most-popular-reality-tv-by-state

We wish we had a better pictures to use, but we simply don’t have anything that screams “first blog telling what we’re about.” So we went with a map of America in terms of sports teams and an American map showing each state and what reality show they watch the most. Figured that reality shows represent pop culture. There has to be better out there, but whatever. We’ll get over it, and we think you will too. If you can’t get past it, then you have issues that I can’t help you with.

Anyways, this is a sports blog that will cover all the sports and sports stories that we like. Probably won’t be much about hockey. Besides sports, we will also cover pop culture stories, funny, weird or interesting happenings that make us laugh. And that’s the most important aspect of this site, the laughter part of it. We’re a sports blog, but first and foremost we are a COMEDY site. Sorry if that all capped word came out of no where and blindsided you, but it’s important that you know that going in. We’re three friends that love sports but we love nothing more than just joking around about anything with each other. So we decided to try and see if we can deliver funny content.

We also know full well that this idea of having a sports/comedy site is not new. We didn’t invent the concept and we wouldn’t even say that we’re trying to improve it. We just wanted to see if we could create content on our own, with our own takes. That’s very important to us, being original. We will do what we can to post blogs on stories that you haven’t seen during the day. Not saying we won’t have a take on something that’s already out there, but we’re conscious to the idea of finding stories out there that maybe haven’t been covered yet. We’ll have blogs, podcasts and try and get video loaded as well.

Full disclosure, we’re three guys from northeast PA who have lives, real jobs and responsibilities that will get more attention than this site. We aren’t real journalist or anything like that. We’ll try and get content out as often as we can. We’re also three dudes who are not very tech savvy in regards to building websites, which is to say that we’re incredibly sucky in terms of webdesign. We know our site is very basic. If anyone would ever want to help or have any suggestions on improvements on anything about the site, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re excited to get started with all of this and see where this goes.


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