Draymond Green Wearing A Suit Jacket With Shorts Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Thank you Draymond. Thank you for showing the world that you can attend fancy gatherings, be dressed up but also wear shorts with your outfit. This is all I want when I have to go to a dinner or wake I don’t want to be at; the opportunity to show respect and the idea that I care about what’s going on around me, though there’s a slim chance that’s the case, all while I get to be comfortable. Nothing is more important than being comfortable.  You’ll never be at your best if you aren’t comfortable and being trapped in a suit when the temperature is near 80 degrees is a recipe for a swampy mess. So Draymond decided enough was enough and it’s time for a change and went and flipped the fashion world on its head by wearing a lovely teal/turquoise/sky blue/I really can’t tell what type of blue it is suit jacket, bowtie followed by your regular everyday black shorts. The beauty is the simplicity of it all. Fashion designers across the globe spend countless hours and resources trying to figure out elaborate ways to make dress clothes more efficient in terms of ventilation. Little did they know an answer lied in something your grandfather wears; a simple pair of shorts. Where they lack in flashiness, they more than make up for it in practicality and effectiveness. Now some folks out there are ragging on Draymond for his get up. To those people I say, you just don’t get it. That or you’re all about sweating your face off in the name of keeping up appearances. To Draymond, I say people also said Copernicus, Einstein and NWA were crazy for their ideas. People always fear what they don’t understand but not this guy, this guy is comfortable.

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