Dude Ties The Knot Wearing A Dolphin’s Helmet

Love isn’t two people giving themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Love isn’t one person being there for another regardless of what the reason is. Love isn’t even your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. Nope. Love is a man marrying the woman of his dreams while wearing a Miami Dolphin’s helmet.  Not sure how this dynamo planted one when it was time to kiss the bride, but it’s probably best that he didn’t remove the helmet thus receiving a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration. Notice the cake as well. The bride and groom are near match to the scene they played out right behind it. Yes I know that the figurine of the groom has a white coat on instead of a black one. But I’ll look past it because the guy got married wearing my favorite teams helmet. Those are the rules.

I can’t say that I’ll ever get married. But if I did, I can only wish that my bride would allow me to wear a Dolphin’s helmet. Bless this woman’s heart for letting this happen. I hope she realizes what she’s getting herself into. And that is a lifetime of having a husband who will display frustration, tantrums, screams at televisions, rambling to oneself about how Tannehill doesn’t have it. Being a fan of Miami is a real love hate situation where you generally hate that you somehow love a franchise who only know how to let you down and downright befuddle you with the decisions that they make regardless of who the players, coaches or owner is. It’s nice that after he turns the tv off after a 45-16 beatown from New England that this guy can turn to a woman who just wants to be loved as much he loves. Divorce rates are through the roof but something tells me these crazy kids will be fine. That or she eventually can’t take him and all the cynicism that he develops from following this team and she clubs up and moves to Boston.

I’m not a guy who would ever get a tattoo of my favorite team. That’s a level that even I won’t get too. Not unless Dan Marino went and got a tattoo of me on his back. So I think letting me wear a Dolphin’s helmet would be a fair compromise. Unless you want me to get an OJ McDuffie tattoo on my chest. That I can do

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