Kirk Won’t Be The Skins’ QB



Thats great that talks are improved but no deal will happen.  What does improved really mean then?  Like they are talking about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and getting excited?

Kirk will not be the Skins long term answer at QB.  If they are not going to pay what he wants now I am not sure what he is going to do this year to change that.  We have to trade him.

As a Skins fan, I have really enjoyed the last two years of Kirk.  After 20+ years of terrible QB’s coming in and out of my life it is nice having someone that is ok at playing Quarterback.  But the last thing we can let happen is him leaving without getting anything in return.

I’m sure whatever happens the Skins will come out on the losing end of the situation.  Kirk will either get paid elsewhere and play great or the Skins will pay him and he will fall a part.

Pretty depressing first blog on the site, huh?

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