Playoff or bust for the Nittany Lions? 

As we sadly coast through the summer the only silver lining is that of the impending football season that shortly follows.  However, during the infancy stages of summer we sit here and recklessly discuss off-season changes and potential of each and every one of our squads. We get excited for the freshman corner from Westchestertonfieldville, Iowa that is going to sure up our secondary and all the way to the new strength coaches method(s) he uses in preventing off field issues such as DUI’s and bar fights. That being said, as we all are hamsters within our wheels thinking it’s “our year”,  I sit here and smile like the joker reading articles such as the one above, stating the Nittany Lions are “playoff or bust”. The question is what makes a successful season for the defending Big Ten champs?

When you finish the way the lions did, and return as many starters as they did there is not much room left for anything but a greater result.  The Nittany Lions will have two Heisman hopefuls in McSorley and Barkley, whom are both sure to melt the competitions faces off for one more season. The Nittany Lions will take a hit on the offensive side of the ball losing center Brian Gaia and stud WR Chris Godwin.

The glaring deficiency for the Lions is the fact that their defense can not stop the white loop on campus. The Lions gave up an astonishing 47.7 points per game in each of their losses to Pittsburgh, Michigan, and the Trojans. Now of course bleeding blue and white I see a Silver lining and that was the amount of injuries the lions fought through on their way to the big ten championship. The young defense is one year older and much much healthier from where they have finished last season.

So from Happy Valley all the way to the golden coast each Penn State fan will have their biggest season in recent memory with only one goal in sight, The college football playoff.  So book your flights and I’ll see you all in Atlanta where we are playing for the trophy.

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