We Are Officially Getting Worked By Tennis

John McEnroe: ‘My Girls Don’t Think I Can Beat’ Serena Williams

The seven-time Grand Slam winner, who is father to Emily McEnroe (with ex-wife Tatum O’Neal), Anna McEnroe, Ava McEnroe and stepdaughter Ruby Meyers (with wife Patty Smyth), told Stephen Colbert during The Late Show Tuesday that his sexist remarks “didn’t go over big” with his daughters.

“My girls don’t think I can beat her now,” McEnroe said. “I thought I could beat her.” In 2015, the retired athlete famously told Jimmy Kimmel that he believed he could take on Williams in a showdown; he speculated at the time that his daughters thought otherwise.


Color me woke…but we are getting worked by McEnroe here.  Apparently he has been trying to bait Serena into a match since 2015.  He finally had his recent comments land and now, once Serena has her baby, McEnroe has the match he has been trying to get.  I have watched way too much wrestling in my life to not know when I am getting worked.




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