If Jason Pierre Paul Can’t Teach You About Fireworks Safety Then You’re Destined To Blow Yourself Up

I’m not saying you can’t have a good time during this ultra long holiday weekend where I hope you have Monday off as well giving you a major Second Saturday. Quite the opposite. I want everyone to have a blast, be merry and do funny stuff with your friends. That’s what this holiday is about. That and the whole gaining our independence part. But for God’s sake when it comes to the fireworks/M-80s/quarter sticks of dynamite and whatever IEDs you plan on firing off, be responsible about it. I know that means nothing from me but take it from Jason Pierre Paul. You don’t need to have a mitt like his or worse.

I’ve never heard someone sound more sincere in my life. He genuinely with every ounce of his being is telling you to be as responsible as you can be when it comes to fireworks. This is basically the equivalent to scared straight the fireworks edition. If that picture of him being laid up in a hospital bed with his hand all mangled doesn’t give you pause to be cautious then you deserve to blow yourself up all the way to the moon. I think by now we as the dominant life form on this planet should have a firm grasp(that’s a low blow) on how fireworks and how in a blink of an eye they can take you out. Be smart out there. At the very least when you and your crew deem it’s time to start lighting off your fireworks be the guy who lets someone else do it. If you’re riding with a crew who will shame you for not wanting to light of the explosive, then maybe they aren’t the folks you should be around. I’m sure there will be some shirtless alpha dog with you who would love to impress all the ladies by showing how carefree and dangerous he could be. Let him. Then when blows off his arm, be the one who drops an I told ya so and impress those ladies by being able to recite all the lyrics to a Puddle of Mud song. Works every time



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