I’m Torn About This Claim About People Traveling To See A Tortilla That Has Jesus’s Face On It

Daily Record Pilgrims are flocking to a woman’s home after she claimed an image of Jesus Christ “miraculously” appeared imprinted on a flour tortilla.Housewife Iris Suyapa Caceres Castellanos was having dinner with her niece when they opened a bag of tortillas and noticed the “divine apparition”.Ms Castellanos “felt something coming into my body from the soles of my feet” when she saw the Son of God burned in the centre of the flat bread.Since the “miracle” her house in the La Sidra community of Danli in eastern Honduras has received hundreds of believers from all over the country.She told the El Heraldo newspaper she believes the appearance is a “call from God for young people to come close to Christ .”She added: “I feel excited and blessed. I believe it is the image of God that I can see.”She has placed the miracle tortilla in a glass jar alongside other religious objects on a special altar in her front room, where people come to receive a blessing.One astounded pilgrim, Olga Marina, 71, said: “You look at the little eyes, the little mustache and his hair, and a wheel that has formed around the outline this image in the tortilla, can you imagine?“It’s a miracle.”Ms Castellanos, who has a snack bar in the local council building, told local media she and her niece were about to make traditional dish ‘baleada’.They opened a pack of tortillas made by Melissa, the local tortilla seller, and were shocked by what they found.She said: “We were ready to have dinner when my niece opened the bag of tortillas.“She screamed when she saw the image and gave it straight to me, because she had opened it in my house.She said she has compared the image to the face of Jesus which appears in the Mormon Bible and believes it is identical.

Another day another food item that bares Jesus’s face on it. It’s like clockwork. Every 3 hours the almighty decides the best way to communicate with his flock is to plaster his face on to a Dorito or honey baked ham. It never fails. JC up there reinventing new ways to to find new followers and somehow he always goes to the well with the old lets put my face on this piece of food plan. Not sure if that’s just smart sticking to what you’re good at or just being lazy. That’s a discussion for another day. But I am at a crossroads here. On one hand, when it comes to angels, ghosts or saviors showing up at earth I always go to the George Costanza theory where he believes that if you’re a spirit, and you could travel to any dimension or galaxies and discover the mysteries of the universe, you think you’re going to hang around earth? I know if I was a spirit the last thing I’m going to do is float around this place. I’m sure I’d go and check out Saturn’s rings for a minute, or make my way to some intergalactic kegger. But on the other hand, I think Jesus loves to mess with the clergy. And what better way to do that but by randomly showing images of yourself on random grocery items? Just giving people enough so that they lose their minds. Put your face on the inside of an apple, kick back and watch people travel thousands of miles to see it. I mean when you have followers giving dynamite descriptions of what they saw, how can’t you have some fun with it

“You look at the little eyes, the little mustache and his hair, and a wheel that has formed around the outline this image in the tortilla, can you imagine?“It’s a miracle.

All miracles come with little mustaches. Fact. So if you want to call this a miracle, who am I to say that you’re wrong? Maybe raptures come in all different sizes and flavors. Makes my mouth water just waiting for the next time the Lord makes his presence known. In the mean time, here’s some of his greatest hits

And my favorite, the smirking forgiver of sins

PS- I hope just one of you take a bit more caution when you eat going forward. Just checking every bite making sure you’re not eating the next viral sensation



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