Paul George Ends Up Getting Traded To The Thunder

Raise your hand if you had Paul George ending up with the Thunder. Put it down because no one had this. Just to get it out of the way, the Pacers get Victor Oladipo. I never thought Oklahoma City was in play for any big name player even though they have the reigning, defending MVP in Russel Westbrook. I just figured the big name talents were going to the likes of Boston, LA, San Antonio, not OKC. I’m a big fan of the move even though I’m not sure how it will fair. Obviously, this makes the Thunder better immediately, but for how long? Will George be there longer than this year due to his contract being up after this season. Or, will he be more than a rental and sign a long term deal? It could go either way. Based on what else is around Westbrook and George, the rest of the Thunder is pretty thin. Adams who is a nice players but nothing to hang your hat on. To me, this puts the Thunder around 4-5 seed for the playoffs next year. Gives them a real good chance to advance to the 2nd round. Maybe just maybe they get to square off against the Warriors. That might be fun for about a game or so. Then the Warriors TCB and go on to the conference finals. As for the Pacers, welcome to the battle for the 8th seed. Tough break

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