The Person Who Threw A Ball And Hit This Umpire Needs To Be Thrown Out Of The World

We’re trying to live in a society here and this damn loser is screwing all that up. I can’t even begin to fathom what kind of garbage brain you must have to 1. to even begin to have the thought of throwing something at someone on the field during a game 2. to actually go through with throwing something at someone who’s on the field during a game. There’s a special place in hell for losers like this and I can’t wait for the day where you leave this world and immediately get jettisoned to hell where you could spend the rest of eternity with others human trash folk like that father son duo who attacked Tom Gomboa 15 years ago.  I don’t care what kind of call this umpire screwed up or care about how many beers you slugged down. Throwing stuff from the stands like a coward is as disgraceful as it gets and you deserve to be sent to the space with a space suit and and 1 hours worth of air just so you can float around space, stare back at earth and know you’ll be history very soon. At the very least, this dirtbag’s face should be plastered all over town and he should be shamed for the rest of his life and never be allowed back into any stadium ever again.

I got a real thing for people who mess with older folks. Can’t stand the sight of people taking advantage of older citizens. Not saying you have to agree with them when they fly of the rails and say or do something ridiculous. Just don’t be a trashbag of a human and throw stuff at them especially if they aren’t looking. What a real loser



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