Mac’s Crappy Golf Game.


September 2002… This was the peak of my golfing career.

I was a junior in high school. I was part of the golf team. We were playing 9 to try and give coach a good feel of who he would be using this upcoming year for matches. I was feeling confident in my golf game. That day I went out and shot a 38. Handing in my score card to coach that day he told me I would have a good chance of regularly starting if I keep that up. This was the last time I broke 40 on 9 holes.

Fast forward to present day I am essentially a hacker out there. On a good day I’ll shoot in the low 90s. On a bad day I’ll shoot high 90s to the low 100s. On my best days I’ll sneak below 90 into the high to mid 80s… but that is rare.

What I want to do with this reoccurring blog is to take you on my journey to try and cut 10 strokes off my golf game from now until the end of the summer. My goal is to be shooting in the 80s and on a very good day break into the 70s.

This is a comedy site so the main focus is going to be the humor that happens along the way. I’m not here to give you golf tips.

I read two books recently that made me decide to set this goal. Ben Hogans Five Lessons and Zen Golf by Joseph Parent. I would recommend these to anyone who plays golf….especially Zen Golf. If you are constantly blowing up on the golf course ready to break every club in your bag *cough* Sid *cough* It will really help your enjoyment level out on the course.

Anyway this is just the opening blog to let you know I’ll regularly be blogging through the process. I went out this past weekend and shot a 94, which isn’t too bad when you consider I had 12 putts in the first 4 holes. Surnn and Sid were with me. I’ll be blogging about that experience soon.  Hopefully charges have not been formally pressed against Surnn before I am able to get that blog out.


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