DeAngelo Williams Put On A Show Inside The Squared Circle

In case you missed it due to living it up and having a wild, self induced forgettable holiday weekend, there was a wrestling PPV on Saturday in a federation that’s not WWE. That federation is called TNA. Actually, it’s not even called TNA anymore. It’s called Global Force Wrestling. Whatever. Don’t really care about that.

What I do care about is that for the last few months current free agent RB that has a lifetime supply of tread on his tires DeAngelo Williams was involved in a match and he looked like a 10 year veteran of the ring. He teamed up with Moose who is also a former football player who played guard for the Falcons, Patriots, Rams and Colts. He’s much known for being an athletic freak in wrestling. They took on Chris Adonis(formerly Chris Masters and proprietor of the Masterlock challenge) and Eli Drake(a potential star in the making). And DeAngelo brought his A+ game performing moves that are really difficult and high risk especially for a guy who still plans on playing in the NFL this coming season. I know he’s a world class athlete and everything so this stuff shouldn’t be the that much of a stretch for an athlete the caliber of Williams, but he really did things with such a grace that you have no choice but to tip your cap.

Friggin insane how smooth he looked. Hope he continues wrestling because as first matches goes, this is one of the best I’ve seen especially considering that he’s only been training for a few months. I wonder if he continued to wrestle and still played another year of football if we can consider him a dual sports athlete like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. I know people out there would say that’s ridiculous to even talk like that. To them I say go away. All wasn’t roses for the former pro bowler who went for a frog splash on Eli Drake who was laying on a table. Very happy for DeAngelo that his face decided not to be caved in.

A little work and DeAngelo will be a pioneer in TLC matches.

PS- I would love if Miami signed DeAngelo. I have serious doubt that Ajayi can hold up physically for 16 games and more based on his running style and the fact that his knees could explode out his body at anytime. Plus, I like him more than Kenyon Drake as the backup.

PPS- Check out Eli Drake’s videos on youtube. Guy could be an absolute star

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