Mac’s Crappy Golf Game Ep 1

As I stated in my previous blog I am on a mission to cut 10 strokes off my golf game this summer. I had my first round since I made this decision to try and get better at golf… it was an interesting day.

First an update on my crappy golf game. Shot a 94 with a ton of putts… a ton of putts. 3 putts for days. One 4 putt in there too just to balance it out. Decided I was going work on my stance and my grip. Was hitting my driver really well. I think the changes to my stance has added some distance to the driver. I pumped a few about 270-280 out there. If you’re curious to the specific changes I’m making you can read Ben Hogan’s 5 lessons. Basically following that book step by step.

I went with Surnn, Sid, and another one of our friends. The night before we were all out so some of us were still feeling it a little. We have a saying in our group called “coming down”. After a night of drinking sometime you wake up and you feel ok/still a little drunk. Progressively through the day you start to feel worse and worse. That’s coming down. The golf course the day after drinking too much is a prime place for a coming down situation to happen.

So it was a normal round with plenty of farting around, actual farting, and a few beers. Then it happened….

Last year Surnn won a set of wedges at a golf tournament. Problem is… Surnn can’t hit a wedge. If he’s anywhere near the green he always takes a 7 iron and tries to run it. It never works but that’s what he does. Today I guess he decided to try and give the wedges a shot. He was about 30 yards out to the right o the green. About 10 yards to his right was the golf cart. Not quite in his line to the green but close. Our friend offered to move the cart but Surnn waives him off. Why he waives him off we will never know. Surnn blades one off end of the club and it fires off the cart’s gps.

It was destroyed. Different color lines all over the screen. This happened around our 13th hole. The next 5 holes was Surnn trying to fix the GPS/get his story straight that he was going to tell the golf pro. He was legit rattled that the golf pro and 18 year old kids working in the pro shop were going to take him to a back room like a casino that caught someone card counting. Best comment came from Sid while Surnn was trying to fix the GPS. Sid asked him if he tried to do Control+ALT+Delete.  We found it hilarious  Surnn did not see the humor.

He went to the pro shop after the round and told the kid working there that the gps went blank in the middle of the round. The kid said no problem. Surnn did not get his ass kicked. A disappointing end the the situation. We thought he was crazy that he thought he was going to get grilled about how this GPS broke but once we spent 5 straight holes of him in legit panic mode I was hoping the payoff would be his fears being realized in the form of a pissed off golf pro who has seen 1 too many GPSs destroyed by asshole kids messing around with the carts. Surnn if you want to defend yourself here you can leave a editors comment below.

And that was the day. I plan on going to the range sometime this week and maybe playing again this upcoming Sunday. I have been trying to think of some cleaver Golf saying to end these blogs with but for now I’ll leave you with the saying I would tell all the customers the summer I worked in the Dicks Sporting Goods pro shop… Keep em in the short grass.

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