PGA Tour Greenbrier Classic Preview

I plan on doing a short PGA tour preview each week to give a little betting preview. I love watching tour events during a little Saturday Day drinking and also watching the final round as I try to fight off the terror of the Sunday Scaries. Not here to do an in depth breakdown of the course and the field but just a little preview of some people to watch and my Draft Kings lineup.

I also plan on doing a short recap of he tourney each Monday to point out any humorous moments and how my lineups and picks did.

The greenbrier classic is this weekend. Not too strong of a field but it could be a fun weekend of Phil and Reed are near the top come the weekend.

Here are some of the odds to win

I’m thinking of going a little bit on Phil to win. He has not won in forever and the break up with his long time caddy may be just what he needed to refocus.

I also like Danny Lee this week. Here is the Draft Kings lineup I plan on playing

Enjoy watching this weekend.

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