Andre Roberson Only Tipped $14 On A $487 Bill And Steven Adams Buried Him

Glad to see that life at the moment is back to normal and athletes are in the news for something other than fake memorabilia. As I wrote on Wednesday I prefer it when athletes get busted for bar fights and being outed for being awful tippers rather than this current fad of being involved with fake memorabilia. Poof. Two days later and my wish came true.

What do you when you sign a $30 million dollar contract, if you’re Andre Roberson you go to the club with your boys, order a bottle of bubbly and tip only $14 dollars on a near $500 dollar bill. Well naturally the club or person who served him and his boys the drinks took that bill and posted it on-the-line so that the world can see how much of a bad tipper the newest Thunder? is. Welcome to 2017, Andre. Now, according to Roberson, the reason he only tipped that low was due to him only ordering one bottle and that “there was no service.” In 2017 fashion, Roberson took to twitter to defend himself

On hand I can see where Roberson thought it was okay to not tip very much. If a service didn’t take place then why tip much? It’s like being at a Chinese buffet. I never tip as much as I would as if I was at a restaurant where the waiter/waitress is taking my order, checking back at the table to see if I need anything. But I do tip around $3-4 dollars, basically whatever singles I have on me. I also am not a professional athlete who just signed a $30 million dollar contract. I’d like to think I’d be so pleased at all moments of my life that I was a professional athlete that I’d jut over tip all the time. Never been one so I guess I can’t guarantee what I’d do.

My advice for all athletes and people who are in the public eye is to tip graciously all the time. Seems unfair and it is but this is what happens when you don’t. If you’re okay being looked at as a thrifty jerk, keep on tipping poorly. If you don’t like that stigma, tip better.

What makes this even better is Roberson who’s looking for some backup from his old teammates goes and tweets at Steven Adams and Enes Kanter, you know turning to the guys who’ve had his back the last few years. Can always trust your brothers right?

Rest easy, Andre



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