Vinsanity Is Headed To Sacramento And That’s Awesome

Vince Carter has decided that civilian life can wait at least another year and has decided to take his talents to Sacramento. Adrian Wojnarowski, who’s Woj Bombs(super clever ESPN phrase) have done it again with this lovely news:

Better watch out Wojy(inevitable nickname bestowed from legendary nick name maker Mike Greenberg), if you keep up with the bombs you’re going to be our initial defense against North Korea. Zinger

Now that that is out of my system, can’t love this news any more. I love when way past their prime athletes refuse to hang em up and just keep playing and playing. There’s always that sector of people who think it tarnishes their legacy. To them I say you wish someone will care about you when you’re 60 and still working. If a player wants to keep playing until they can barely throw a ball, run, touch the rim, go for it. Go for it with all you got. Keep doing it for another 5 years if you want. If someone is wiling to pay you, why not go and make another $8 mill. I don’t care that last year you only averaged 8 points, 3.1 rebounds in 73 games last year. The fact that you still enjoy the game enough to go to practice, not that I think you’re doing much of anything at practice at this point, don’t mind all the traveling and are cool with being on a team that will undoubtedly be a basement dweller in the west regardless of how many people will try and convince me that you’re a team on the rise is worth something. It’s worth $8 million dollars and I wish I could do that.

Vince going out there and still performing at even this level makes me wonder what Kobe could of done if he just accepted this type of role. Just been a guy who shoots open jumpers and understands that ripping off the backboard on a dunk isn’t a possibility any more. I think he could of put up better stats than these. But whatever. I’m sure he’s out there doing whatever he wants wherever he wants so it doesn’t seem like he made a bad choice.

PS- At the open mic I’m heading too tonight, I wonder if that lame Wojnarowski joke will work. I can’t see it working mainly based on no more than 1 person knowing who he is. We’ll try it anyways

PPS- Pretty sure anything ever written about Vince Carter needs to include the highlight of him dunking over that 7 footer in the Olympics, so hear you go


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