Kevin Kisner is a real POS

I’m in this golf pool with about 70 other people. You take 1 golfer per week. Once you use a golfer you can’t use him again for the rest of the year. Whatever your golfer makes in prize money for the week goes to your total. It’s a really fun pool to be in as there are many prizes throughout the year for having the most money for different groups of tournaments. It is an absolute grind though and a ton of strategy goes into when to use the studs like DJ and Spieth.

Two years ago my friend and I who split the pool were in the lead the entire year. Going into the last week the two people below us in the standings took Kevin Kisner. Kisner won and we came in third. We lost over 1k in winnings due to the drop from 1st to 3rd.

Cut to this week and we decided to go with Kisner. He of course gets cut.

Is it irrational on my part that I think Kisner took some joy in taking us out 2 years ago and also took some joy in getting cut this year? Probably. But I googled a picture of Kevin Kisner laughing and the picture above came up. That asshole is laughing at me.


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