Some Lucky Soul Is Sitting On A Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Bought In Scranton

TheTimesTribune It’s not a golden ticket taped up inside Noone’s Store in North Scranton, but rather a photocopy of a big winner.Someone bought a $20 $1 Million Silver & Gold lottery ticket at the West Market Street store sometime around midday Wednesday and scratched it off inside the store, co-owner Kevin Noone said Friday. The ticket ended up being worth $1 million, so an employee photocopied it and hung it on the door.Noone declined to name the winner Friday.Pennsylvania Lottery spokesman Gary Miller said it did not appear anyone had claimed any winning tickets from the Scranton area as of late Friday afternoon. Lottery personnel can’t confirm any specifics until claims are received and validated.— CLAYTON OVER

Well, this ought to bring hope to some people. Hope that one day they can be fortunate enough to buy a lottery ticket and have fate decide to turn them into a millionaire. Or, this can easily bring about more depression to people who believe that the world will never deal them a good hand. Either way, emotions will be all over the place.

I say good for this person. Hopefully they take this money and really improve their life and use it to help others. But on the other hand, I’m all for them going out there and partying it up, going to Vegas and blowing it all over a weekend. It’s your money, use it anyway you’d like. Nothing more American than that.

I wonder what the reaction is when you find that type of news out. Do you tell anyone and celebrate or do you keep it a secret, go in another room and silently freak out like your Willie Mays Hayes and you just made the Cleveland Indians? I think I honestly would do everything I can to keep it a secret. I wouldn’t weird folk who I don’t know learning of this and hashing intense plans to kidnap me and make me pay them a ransom. That would cramp my style.  I know that’s a cynical way to go about things but I am pretty cynical. Either way, good for this person on the win, hope it all works out for them and they have a great time with this life altering occurrence.

This times a million




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