The Poker Gods Decided To Absolutely Rip Someone’s Heart Out On Day 1 Of The WSOP

Just a stunning and hurtful way to get bounced out of the world series of poker. I hurt that’s how bad this beat was. And just the absolutely cold as ice stair back from Baumann makes it seems like she jumped across the table, ripped her heart out and held it up in the air as if she was Sub-Zero.

This is the equivalent of the Falcons being up 50 points with 2 minutes ago and still blowing the lead against the Patriots.I really don’t know how Selbst can recover from this.   I guess you just tell yourself oh well, nothing I could of done, not like I could fold aces full. As much as she said how much she was gonna fold her hand there’s no universe that exists where she’s folding that. You just can’t.  There’s more of a chance of getting beat by quads then folding aces full. But, you could tell on her face the whole time that she knew something was wrong. Flopping a set of aces is a magical time, where all you’re thinking about is the bear trap you’re setting and waiting for some sorry sap to come walking right in. Then turning that set into a full house, is just a heavenly experience. That’s not what Selbst felt. She felt something was amiss, something wasn’t right. But she couldn’t get away from it. Not really anybody could. It be superhuman to get away from a hand like that. If she can take solace in anything, it’s that she could go on a 52 hour poker bender, acquire 3 stacks of high society and keep playing in Vegas. Or just start driving Knish’s truck.



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