This Toothbrush That Automatically Cleans Your Teeth Is A Ploy By The Machines

Not falling for this subtle yet aggressive attempt by the machines to start infiltrating mankind and begin their takeover. I can’t guarantee what this piece of fake dental hygiene diabolical purpose is. It might be a way for the machines to extract our DNA through saliva. It could be a way for them to expose us to some sort of robot plague that they have been working on when car factories turn the lights off. It could even be some kind of device that cleans your teeth very well thus giving everyone a new sense of confidence. Knowing that humans feel like they can accomplish anything when they have a radiant smile, humanity stops focusing on the looming robot/machine problem and in a sense; fall asleep at the wheel giving the machines even more opportunity to get their robot armies into place for the big takeover. I can’t say for sure. Trying to get into the psyche of those maniacal gearheads is something I try not to do. It’s scary to try and predict what they might be capable of.

What gives me pause for major concern is that the machines struck an area of human pleasure that is so damn clever and scary that every person on earth should hold their loved ones close. They gave humanity more time. It only takes 10 seconds for this device to do what it needs to do compared to the average person brushing for 4 minutes a day. That gives people an extra 3 minutes and 40 seconds to do so many more things like watching more youtube videos, combing through more of your ex’s pictures of her latest trip to the winery with her new boyfriend or having an extra beer. The possibilities are endless.

What we need to do is to use this added time given to us from the machines and instead of turning a blind eye and ushering a Terminator/Matrix regime use the time against them and up or defenses and prepare for the battle for the planet that we all know is right around the corner.

And if you think I’m being a bit paranoid about this and that maybe just maybe I’m being just a bit ridiculous, let us not forget an admission from one of their own:

You can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t waste this opportunity to prepare for the great war. Not on my watch. I’ll be ready. Not saying I’ll be a general in the new army that takes on the machines. But I’m also not saying that I won’t be either.




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