Mac’s Crappy Golf Game Ep2: Mac challenges PGA Pro Kevin Kinser

I asked Kevin Kisner why he hated me posting a link to this blog where I explained how he has screwed me in fantasy golf the last 2-3 years.

Kevin, yeah we are on a first name basis now, had a pretty great response.


“I do!” Was great because he’s not explaining why he hates me… he’s just letting me know he in fact does hate me.

I went on the challenge him to a match. Loser has to donate to charity. Unsurprisingly Kevin stopped responding to me. I’m sure he doesn’t take many challenges from people with under 20 followers seriously so I get it. But the offer will remain on the table.

I initially asked him for 40 strokes. He didn’t think that was reasonable so I offered 30 back to him. ┬áThis is when Kevin stopped caring I exist and stopped responding.

Just in case Kevin comes back and wants to do this thing, let’s break down this epic golf match with a little tale of the tape:

– Shot a 38 once in 9 holes at golf practice. ┬áHasn’t broke 40 on 9 since.

– Has 1 actual match start as a senior in high school on the golf team (beat the kid I was playing against that day…nbd).

– Read the first few chapters of the Ben Hogan golf book and thinks he can challenge PGA tour card holders

– Often blacks-out during captain and mate golf tournaments.

Kevin Kisner
– 2 career PGA wins

– Currently 8th in the fed ex cup standings

– 6 top 10 finishes this year

– According to people on twitter he’s an overall better human than me.

Doesn’t look great for Mac here even with the 30 strokes.

I was at the range the other day… you know putting in work trying to cut those 10 strokes off my game.. and for about 5 minutes straight I could barely get the ball off the ground. Something broke in my swing and about 10 straight shots were grounders to the right. I was able to shake it off but for a few minutes I thought I would never hit a golf ball solid again. I think I’d need more than 30 strokes.

But if Kisner wants a piece he knows where to find me.



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