Man Gets Completely Owned By A Poncho

Well this is no good. No good at all. How are we as a people going to be able defeat the machines in the future if we can’t even defeat a plastic poncho? As I wrote in a Blog yesterday, the great war between us and the machines is near. Way to go and completely emasculate the human race. We look like a bunch of amateurs.

I actually sympathize with this guy. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Either we had trouble getting on our NFL Starter jacket or the sleeve of our blazer is all jumbeled and we can’t get our arm through. The difference between us and this guy is that we didn’t have the cameras at Wimbledon focusing in on us while we show the world that we’re getting outsmarted by a garment. If I’m this guy I come up with some sort of excuse for this. Like, I’d go with that I had a a ton of pints down at the Winchester and didn’t know if I was putting the poncho on or if the poncho was putting me on. Something to conceal the fact that you were as sober as an A̶a̶r̶o̶n̶ Judge and you were overmatched and needed help from your disgusted and ashamed wife. I’m glad she was wearing glasses otherwise we’d all being seeing the tears fall from her face as she bails her husband out of a situation that appears like he and her have been in before.

Something about those tennis camera men. Always looking to show the undignified side of people.



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