Time Stops For No One 

One of the best sports films out there, Any Given Sunday features Al Pacino as coach Tony D’Amato. In one of the greatest speeches ever, coach preaches to his squad ( including first ballot HOFamer Willie “steamin” Beamen) about football and life.

He famously says “when you get older things start to get taken from you.” When you’re a young go hard words like this don’t resonate with you because you live in a f*ck it world with f*ck it responsibilities. Flash forward to being 29 and aging like wine (fine) at this point, I begin to see things being taken from me, one of them NCAA college football.

The many of NCAA football tourneys with the guys, hitting the recruiting trail in my bedroom at 3 am while others slack off and sleep, as I build a dynasty.

Well those days are far and away gone, as today marks year 4 without the game. Despite the overwhelming fact that we only indulged in NCAA video games as a delicious appetizer while we wait for Madden to come over the horizon.

Anway, much like a throwback Thursday on a Facebook timeline we are constantly reminded that time waits for no one.




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