We Have A Slight Airheads Situation Here Where A Dude With An Ax Broke Into A Radio Station And Demanded Kiss 108 Play ICP

Boston Globe MEDFORD — A tense standoff between SWAT officers and a man who barricaded himself inside a vehicle outside a radio station ended peacefully around 4:30 p.m. Monday, when he surrendered, authorities said.A live feed of the incident that a witness posted online showed the 38-year-old man getting out of a red vehicle in a parking lot on Cabot Road as SWAT team members converged on him and took him into custody. He was later placed on a stretcher.Around 1:30 p.m., police arrived outside the Kiss 108 radio station after receiving reports that someone was driving around the parking lot and wielding “several edged weapons,” said Lieutenant Joseph Casey of the Medford Police Department. Police made contact with the man, but he refused to stop, leading officers on a slow pursuit through the parking lot.Eventually, he was boxed in by the building’s loading dock, and a police negotiator was brought in. The man did not move for several hours, but eventually surrendered and was taken to a hospital.“He was suffering some sort of mental health crisis,” Casey said.Police said they did not believe the man ever left his car. At one point in the standoff, he threw several weapons from the car. No injuries were reported.Niyiah McConnell, 33, a Mattapan woman who works in the area, said she was smoking a cigarette when the man pulled up in his car and asked her to “play the ax song.”“I asked him, excuse me, what song?” she said. “And he pulled out a big [expletive] ax and put it back in his hand like he was about to throw it at me.”The man then said, “I want them to play the ax song,” McConnell said.“That’s when I was like, oh my gosh, he has a weapon, he has a weapon, and [I] started to run back” inside, she said.Casey said he did not know whether the man was looking for the radio station or whether he had requested a song. Police said they have not decided whether to file charges against him.

I wouldn’t respect myself as a f̶a̶k̶e̶ journalist if I didn’t report on such an off the wall story. I also would respect myself less than not respecting myself at all(if that’s even possible) if I didn’t try and connect this story to the classic movie Airheads.

Basically, a man who was suffering from some sort of “mental health crisis” stormed a radio station in Boston and demanded the station play and Insane Clown Posse called My Axe. That’s bizarre enough. But the real irony and terror of the entire situation is that he did all this all while he wielded an ax. I can’t say I know what the rules are to get songs played at Kiss 108 but I’m fairly confident that showing up to the station with an ax is something that disqualifies you from getting your song played.

The man was eventually apprehended by law enforcement and no one was hurt, which is always a great sign. It’s also being reported that the police department haven’t decided if they’re going to press charges or not. I’d be shocked if nothing was done. Kinda have to think that something will be done. If the man really is going through some sort of mental issue, I hope he gets the help that he needs.

Any person with a shred should immediately think of the classic and early 2000’s Comedy Central movie darling along with Brewster’s Millions. I mean how many stories are out there of people breaking into radio stations? Can’t be that many. The difference here lies with this man who’s obviously a Juggalo in need of a Fanta, wanting a ICP song played on air while he has a real weapon compared to the Lone Rangers breaking into a radio station, befriending Ian the Shark, with fake weapons for the sole reason of getting heard. If only this guy had a team of guys in there like that of Rex(Steve Buschemi) and Pip(Adam Sandler) to help him out. He might of gotten that track played regardless if Milo is changing the station to easy listening.

I hope ICP gets a push from all this and make a comeback. Or, they’re still around and doing well. I don’t know. I’d guess that they’re still out there doing something. I just can’t tell at all what that might be.

Such a legit fun movie that it’s close to being a gamestopper for me. Meaning when I see it’s on, I usually stop what I’m doing to watch it. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. This should get you in the mood


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