Don’t You Just Hate It When You Get Pulled Over And You’re 11

UPI July 12 (UPI) — Texas police said they pulled over a car for going 45 mph In a 35 mph zone and found an 11-year-old girl at the wheel with her 10-year-old brother in the passenger seat.But when police contacted the mother, they found that the girl had her permission to drive unsupervised.Vance Mitchell of the Pasadena Police Department, located near Houston, Texas, said the children had been at their aunt’s house. But instead of driving them back home, the aunt asked their mother, 25-year-old Maria DeJesus Lopez, if the girl could just drive herself and her brother back home.Lopez agreed and her 11-year-old daughter climbed into a Dodge Durango and stepped on the gas.When police pulled her over for speeding, she denied it.”Thank God no one was injured in the vehicle or in the public,” Vance Mitchell said, according to KTRKThe length of the drive between the aunt’s home and Lopez’s home is about two or three miles.The girl said it hadn’t been the first time she drove, but it was her first time driving without adult supervision.Lopez was arrested and charged on two counts of child endangerment.

Kids have information in their pockets at all times and within seconds and could tell you any answer to any conceivable question that you could come up with. But there’s no answer that comes close to helping like having good old fashioned experience. More experience could have helped this 11 year old girl get out this ticket.

When police pulled her over for speeding, she denied it.

When you get pulled over doing 45 in a 35, you don’t just flat out tell the cop no you weren’t. That’s something someone in middle school would do. I know that’s what this girl is but is it to much to ask for this near teenager to act more like a freshmen? I don’t think so. Instead what you do is go with any number of excuses as to why you were speeding. Say sorry officer I didn’t see the sign. Or, talk to the officer like you’ve known them forever and remember a time when that area used to be a 45 and that you didn’t know they changed it. In no circumstance do you just flat out say that you weren’t speeding. They have radar and even if they didn’t they would take one look at your vehicle drive by and either think a ghost is driving or a child is driving that car. No other choices.

So I hope this kid takes this as a learning experience and the next time she gets permission to drive a car unsupervised from her mother, that she remembers the unwritten rules of the road and comes up with a better line than she did during this trip. And if she ever is in a pinch again, and she definitely will be, she could always go with Tommy Callahan plan of getting out of a ticket



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