Miko Grimes Saying The Reason She Acted Like A Crazy Person On Twitter Was That She Wanted Her Husband Brent Grimes To Get Released From The Dolphins Is So Beyond Untrue It Hurts

Bleacher Report Miko Grimes, wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes, had an ulterior motive when she publicly criticized the Miami Dolphins in 2015.           
In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Jack Dickey (warning: link contains NSFW language), Miko said she wanted to help engineer Brent’s exit from Miami:
According to Miko, the Dolphins had told Brent he had to take a pay cut; if he declined, they would wait until other teams used up all their cap space and then release him. (A Dolphins spokesman says that these discussions never happened.) At home, Brent said he’d sooner retire. But Miko wasn’t going to let that happen—instead she would get him run out of town by going “as wild as possible on social media.” Her version of what happened next: “[Brent] said, ‘Go for it.’ I got his full permission to be as disrespectful to the Dolphins as I wanted to be. And I threw in [Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill] because I don’t like him or his wife.”
In March 2016, Grimes signed a two-year deal with the Buccaneers worth $13.5 million—$7 million of which is guaranteed.
Miko has been a frequent critic of Tannehill, even after Brent’s departure from the Dolphins:
Brent apologized to Tannehill for Miko’s comments in December 2015, when he was still a member of the Dolphins.
While Brent got his wish, Miko’s strategy may have been counterproductive. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported in March 2016 that at least three general managers had indicated they didn’t want to sign Brent because of his wife’s social media habits:
In addition, Brent arguably received a deal less than what one would’ve expected for a player who made three straight Pro Bowls from 2013 to 2015. According to Spotrac, his $6.75 million average salary ties for 25th-highest among cornerbacks.
In June, The Ringer’s Danny Kelly listed Grimes as the most underpaid veteran member of the Buccaneers roster.

So completely rational and sane person Miko Grimes comes out and tries to act like a Bond villain and reveal her dastardly plan to have her husband CB Brent Grimes released from the Miami Dolphins a year after the Miami Dolphins released him. She’s saying that all the outrageous tweets that she sent out during Brent’s final year in Miami was all part of her master plan to have him out of Miami. Such a crazy thing to proclaim that I almost have to respect to it. Key word is almost, because I don’t respect this because it is the boldest of lies. Miko didn’t unleash these unbalanced minded tweets because she wanted Brent out of Miami. She did it because she is a bonafide crazy person who does crazy person things. That’s it, nothing else to it than that. No ulterior motive, no smoke and mirrors just good old fashioned whack job antics.

Here’s a sampling

Now I understand that Tannehill wasn’t stellar at several junctures during the 2015 season but going after him on Twitter might not be the best way to get him to play better or to not have people think you’re insane.

There are a bunch of tweets that are NSFW that go against Dolphins owner being a racist, a Dolphins beat writer who wrote about how and her husband and other athletes allegedly owe money for taxes, and even when Brent was out of Miami and had signed with Tampa Bay she still went after the Dolphins.

But the ultimate act that gurandamnteed that Brent would get released from the Dolphins was the time Miko fell on the sword one more time and decided to get arrested outside of the Dolphins stadium. But it’s okay she was drunk

Just your typical Sunday out at the stadium. The reason for this arrest was that Miko, in her infinite wisdom, decided to try and gain access to an area that was being blocked off by police and after several warnings by the police on what would happen if she continued to try and access, the police ended up making good on their word. But of course, this was all part of the grand plan set out by Miko.

I’m fine with the crazy people of the world. Me and them have a good rapport. I don’t bother them when they’re talking to themselves and yelling at the air and they let me go about my business without trying to stab me. Like I said a good rapport. But for Miko to come out and hide behind this shield of sanity is an insult to the folks out there who accept who they are and enjoy their own unpredictability.

I’m sure Miko is out there somewhere doing exactly this



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