Loser Clowns Are Trying To Lure Kids In Wilkes Barre

WILKES-BARRE — City police are seeking a clown who sent a 9-year-old girl screaming for help after apparently trying to lure her with the promise of cash.Police say the girl reported being approached about 10:10 a.m. Thursday in the area of the trestle on Horton Street.The clown approached the girl from behind as she was riding a scooter and showed her a $20 or $50 bill “and motioned for her to come with it,” police said.The girl told police she was scared and ran screaming toward her grandmother’s house as the clown ran back up onto the railroad trestle, police said.Police described the suspect as being thin, about 6 feet tall and with red hair that was pared in the center. The clown’s face and arms were painted white, and it was wearing yellow pants with a polka dot red and blue shirt, police said.

Sorry to say but these pieces of human garbage are still out there wearing clown costumes, being huge friggin creeps and this time they tried luring a 9 year old girl by offering her money. This is even worse than the losers who wear the clown get up and just stand there looking to creep folks out. This time they were trying to get a hold of a 9 year old girl which means that we have a pederast out there taking this whole stupid act to the next level. Fortunately, this little girl knew how much of a dirtbag this guy was and ran away from him like every girl this trash bag of a person has ever approached.

When this whole dressing like a clown and standing near the side of the road thing started happening like a year ago, I immediately wished I could see one of these freaks. Not sure what I would do. Even if they had a machete, which they’re proned to have on their persons, I never would believe a nerd in a clown costume would have the stones or the steady hand to use it properly so HA. Not saying I’m sort of brawler but I have supreme confidence against some person who’s trying to rebel against a world they think has casted them out. Pretty sure they don’t have what it takes to handle Stern Surnn.

Hopefully, Wilkes Barres finest find this psychopath, arrest him, send him to court and he’s found guilty and his sentence is to be jettisoned into space. That’s where scum like this belong, just floating in nothingness for all of time.



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