Lucky Whiteheads Dog Has Been Kidnapped And Is Being Held Ransom And I Want To Throw The Person Doing This Into A Volcano

This is some somber news to hear on a Monday night. Just about to have some dinner, take in some wrestling and I have to see that Lucky Whitehead’s dog has been stolen and is being held hostage. What kind of a scumbag steals a man’s dog and then tries to strong-arm the guy into paying for his safe return.? The answer is a person who deserves to be eradicated from the face of the earth. I can only hope that this matter gets resolved quickly and Lucky sweet, innocent dog Blitz get returned and no one gets hurt. Or. I hope Lucky decides to go John Wick on this guy and takes out everyone that is involved. I’d be fine with that and I think Blitz would be fine with it as well because you don’t mess with another man’s dog.

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