Ezekiel Elliott Should Be The One Fighting Mayweather

The number 1 scuffle that occurred over the weekend wasn’t between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor mainly due to the fact that both fighters have a strict no fighting for anything less than 500 million dollars rule and since they were in London, there was no way to convince Mayweather London calling their currency pounds has nothing to do with weight classes. The real fight occurred across the pond in a bar called Clutch in Dallas between Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and a DJ called DTrain. It’s good to know that even after winning a national championship and being named rookie of the year that Elliott is doing everything he can not to lose his clutch gene by going to bars called Clutch, but going upside the head of guy named DTrain isn’t as impressive as if he took out the entire band Train. But he’s young, he’s still learning. With all due respect to Connor McGregor, and sense we live in a “what have you done for me lately N̶F̶L̶ society” fight promoters should swap out the Mcgregor for Elliott. And since McGregor said he was half black, he kind of looks like Elliott when he plays at home. So that box is checked.

If you think that Elliott wouldn’t have a chance between Mayweather due to him being 49-0 and the fact that Elliott has never been in a sanctioned boxing match, look at how many people believe McGregor can bet Money Mayweather. According to OddShark.com,

After Conor McGregor’s win at UFC 205 over Eddie Alvarez in November, speculation for the mega-fight picked up again, causing social media and sports talk shows to blow up, which resulted in online sportsbook Bovada setting odds for the fight. Unsurprisingly, Floyd Mayweather originally opened as a HUGE favorite, coming in at -2250, with McGregor coming back at +950. On the day the fight became official, Mayweather’s odds were down to -800 with McGregor coming back at +500. Odds continue to move for the bout as the two fighters continue to trade insults through the media.

That’s simple math any of us graduates of 5th grade can wrap our walnuts around. Here’s something else. McGregor and Elliott are both 0-0 in boxing but only Elliott is 1-0 against DJs. McGregor still hasn’t manned up and challenged the likes of Skrillex or Avicii so it’s hard to say how he’d fair. But I’ll take his lack of trying to fight any DJs as an indication that he doesn’t want to mess with any of them.

Perhaps Mayweather is fortunate that he’s facing McGregor and not Elliott. Based off Elliott’s most recent handy work show’s what he’s capable of:

I don’t think Mayweather wants to end up looking like this guy because if he did he’d have a much harder time intimidating his future opponents, or their wives.

For now, we’ll just have to deal with McGregor being the man going against Mayweather. It’s not what we want but it’s what we will get. Maybe something will happen and they will find a time where Elliott could face Mayweather in the near future. Might I suggest they do it on Sept 10 2017. Should be a perfect time for Elliott because he won’t have much to do besides thinking how wrong it is to beat up DJs who don’t play Ace of Base while he watches Dallas open up their season.




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