And The Redskins Are Still Undefeated When It Comes To Screwing Everything Up

You can go read 1 of about 10,000 blogs/articles being written about how terrible the Skins front office handled the Cousins contract negotiations. The Skins are a mess as usual. This has been their normal state most of my life. What I want to talk about the PR mess the Skins created with their weird statement about the guaranteed money in the offer.

The moron Skins worked themselves into a spot where the player has all the leverage. Over the past week or the he narrative the Kirk is being greedy has picked up a little steam. I think the Skins statement on the matter undid all of that.

The guaranteed amount they were offering is essentially the same amount he would make on the tag the next two years. Why would he lock himself in long term when he’s going to make that amount over the next two years anyway? Or sign next year and get that same amount while pocketing the 24 mil he’s making this year?

The Skins front office tried to throw that guaranteed amount out there to get people on their side… they fooled no one. All they did was push Kirk further away.

Their best play here was to say nothing. It’s 2017 you can’t throw BS out there without it getting torn apart. Anyone with knowledge of the cap/tag tore apart the Skins statement right away.

After this year I think Kirk is gone and we will be having Colt McCoy, some young guy, and probably Josh McGown competing for the starting job. Maybe we can give Tony Banks a call to see if he’s available.


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