I’ve conformed……

As we take a family vacation and rent an RV, and drive from the east coast to the west there is time for just about anything.

Now two days into my Griswold type family vacation I’ve decided I can not escape Game of Thrones any longer. Much like being peer pressured into shots or booze by friends for the first time, I am like a young man feeling his first buzz.

This show is the real deal! They say out here in California that Game of thrones is the Tom Brady of Tv series. I am only 1 season in (I’m told it gets more addictive) and I am pushing my chips into the middle of the table. I feel I really won here, as I get to binge watch (and binge vacation) every episode that I’ve missed for so long. In this moment I am #blessed.

I feel I’m one more season away from trading my wardrobe for a knights cloth and sword.



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