Marshawn Lynch Has The #1 Selling Jersey

Bleacher Report Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL is paying off from a business perspective, as the Oakland Raiders running back had the NFL’s best-selling jersey in the month of May.Per‘s ranking of the 25 top-selling jerseys in May, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott and Houston Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson rounded out the top five.Brady’s jersey had been the NFL’s most frequently sold for nearly a 12-month span.’s¬†Dan Hanzus¬†reported in April the Patriots signal-caller had the league’s best-selling jersey from April 2016 through February 2017.After a one-year retirement, Lynch returned to the NFL in April and was acquired by the Raiders in a trade with the Seattle included a state-by-state look at the best-selling jerseys for the month of May. Lynch was No. 1 in 14 states, including as far east as Iowa and Indiana. New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson, who ranked No. 25 in sales, had the top-selling jersey in the state of Minnesota as he prepares for his first season in New Orleans after 10 years with the Vikings.Brady led all players with the best-selling jersey in 17 different states, mostly in the Northeastern part of the country. Lynch dominated the West Coast, including California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

Tom Brady has taken his first loss since November 13 of last year and it comes to the hands of not an entire football team, but to one single man. That man is Marshawn Lynch. Wouldn’t of guessed that Lynch, who took last year off to do whatever he wanted too, has already made an impact. Not many can say they took down the golden boy. So hats off to Lynch for doing what no one thought or even began to even think about he could do.

I hope this love affair for Marshawn rubs off on the entire team and people start reppin Raiders gear like it was the early 90s. I’d like that and I think everyone would like that. Bring back the Starter jackets, bring back NWA, bring back Ice Cube and all of that. I’m in for that. Especially the Starter jacket part. Not many better feelings than being an elementary student walking into the your classroom while everyone else is wearing their JC Penny coat on and then there’s you, sporting off your NFL team Starter jacket that like an absolute boss.



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