True Love Is Killing Your Boyfriend Because The Leader Of The Cult He Belongs Too Is A Reptilian

Times Leader TOBYHANNA — A woman shot her boyfriend in the head after he asked her to kill him because he thought the leader of a cult they belonged to was a reptile posing as a human, police said.Barbara Rogers fatally shot her boyfriend, Steven Mineo, in the forehead from point-blank range Saturday in their apartment in Coolbaugh Township, authorities said.Rogers told officers Mineo, 32, was having “online issues” with a cult and asked her to kill him, said Lt. Steven Williams, of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police. She said her boyfriend believed the cult’s leader to be a “reptilian” pretending to be a human, according to an affidavit.Rogers, 42, told police the group centers on “aliens and raptures.” Online postings associated with the cult detail a theory that a group of alien reptiles is subverting the human race through mind control.Rogers, who has been charged with criminal homicide, called 911 to report the shooting.

I can only be so lucky to meet a woman that would love me so much that they would be there with me in sickness, in health and also would kill me on the spot if I thought there was no other way to live on this earth knowing that the leader of the cult that we both belong too ended up being a reptilian disguised as regular human cult leader. That’s love in a nutshell. And you know what? If it’s true that this cult leader happens to be a reptilian, this guy might of done the right thing in asking for his early demise because the reptilians are nobody to mess around with. Once they know that you know who that they can shapshift like Mystique from X-Men, you’ve got no other choice but to leave this world or go on the run. But maybe you think you could go live underground. Guess what? That’s where the reptilians hold court and have been living there since the beginning of our planet. So you’re pretty much out of luck no matter what you do. Worst part about it is that there’s no one you can turn to because we all know that the shape shifting reptilian alien race from outside our world have been running all of the world’s governments disguised as world leaders since the beginning of time. And there’s no sense in fighting them because they have superior intellect and super strength. Everybody knows this. Not even the greys can help because they are way down the list on powerful alien races. They’re way behind the Nordics or the tall whites.

So what can you do? Live dammit. Live knowing that the reptilians control everything  that happens on the planet and hope you don’t see one of them shape shifting or accidentally walk in on one of there classic human sacrifice masses. Not do either of those things and you should be good.

Also, don’t join a cult that focuses on aliens and raptures. That should also help you to stay alive.

PS- Remember, The Truth Is Out There



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