OJ Simpson Is A Free Man

OJ Simpson or Juice or Nordberg has been granted parole from prison where he was serving a 33 year old sentence from 2008 where he was convicted of robber, kidnapping and 10 other charges. The earliest he can be released from prison is October 1st.

From what I could tell from watching the parole hearing which was quite electric was that OJ doesn’t believe he did anything wrong back in 2008. Probably feels the same about his somewhat covered case that he was involved in back in 1997. A few times during the hearing, he got defensive and treated the hearing as if it was an opportunity to overthrow his conviction by raising his voice and leaning in towards the panel and proclaiming that the items he stole was his memorabilia and that he never ever ever ever ever pulled a weapon on anyone before. There were also a few times where he was joking around, saying “believe it or not I do have friends.” I’m sure they feel very lucky that OJ has let them l̶i̶v̶e̶ be his friend.

What does this mean for OJ? I’m guessing he’ll go back to playing golf everyday. Find that stroke again. Or maybe he becomes an analyst for Espn. Boomer is gone, might as well fill that seat with someone who loves the Bills. Orrrr, maybe he returns to acting and revitalize the classic character of Nordberg and make a stand alone film. Something like he’s been off the beat for a while and now he’s back in a big way. I don’t know, just a thought.



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