SNL Writer Responds To Trump’s Tweets As If They’re Old Pals And It’s Fantastic

Some comedians go to great lengths and get real elaborate to get laughs. The great stand up comedians put in tons of time going over their material and writing new stuff every single day. As a guy who has been performing stand up comedy for 4 years, albeit I haven’t been going out and performing or writing new stuff in a few months, I can tell you that you really have to mold your jokes by practicing as much as you can. Sometimes things happen on stage spontaneously that kills and you get to use it in your regular act. That’s great.

Then there’s other times where you think of a really basic, silly idea and give it a try and find out that it’s gold Jerry, gold. That’s what SNL writer Josh Patten I feel did here. Just sitting around, waking up from one of those SNL after parties, getting annoyed at all of Trump’s tweets and decides “you know, I’m just going to answer back to his tweets as if we know each other” and boom you got something that’s a force.

It’s just so damn funny. Works perfectly. This is the kind of stuff I just love. Real simple stuff. Not saying this type of humor would get over with everyone because I think there would be a huge sector of people who wouldn’t get it. Wouldn’t understand why people like me burst out laughing at every one. And that’s just fine.

I would love it if Don actually saw these. I bet he’d really question himself and ask himself if he knows a Josh and after a few moments of pondering, he would say ‘oh yes, Josh, I remember him. We had lunch the other day” and then go back to using the lamps to signal his military plans. Pretty sure that’s how it would go down



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