This Parrot Who Ratted And Got A Woman Convicted Of Murder Has Blackballed Himself

Time (WHITE CLOUD, Mich.) — A jury has convicted a western Michigan woman of first-degree murder in the shooting death of her husband in a crime apparently witnessed by the man’s pet parrot.The Newaygo County jury deliberated about eight hours before finding 49-year-old Glenna Duram guilty Wednesday of killing 46-year-old Martin Duram. He was shot five times in May 2015. Glenna Duram suffered a head wound in what prosecutors said was a suicide attempt, but survived.Martin Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, has said that after the slaying, the pet parrot, Bud, repeated “don’t (expletive) shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice. Keller took ownership of the bird after Martin Duram’s death.Duram is due to be sentenced Aug. 28 on the murder and a felony firearm charge.

See something say something, from what I understand, is a man made ideology. Not an ideology that extends itself to the animal kingdom. So this parrot could be in violation of that.

I don’t think the parrot realizes exactly the consequences of his decision to be a tattle tail. You think the other parrots he used to hangout with are going to let him back in their group of friends? Not a chance. In the parrot world, there’s all types of crime and dubious behavior taking place at all hours of the day. All the parrots accept the parrots code of letting folks do what they have to do. All except this parrot. Couldn’t keep his beak shut and go back to sitting there on that perch like I’m pretty sure all parrots do all day long. And unfortunately I believe the ideology of snitches get stitches, an ideology that both man and the animal kingdom subscribe too, will be a full go for this bird. Unless this parrot can get into some kind of animal witness protection program, relocate and dye his feathers. Maybe he could have a normal life.

And how could a person ever bring a parrot like this into their home when at any given moment he might tell the whole world about the weird, maybe illegal all the things you do? You simply would get a parrot who understands how the world works between humans and parrots and knows to keep what happens in the house in house.

Good job, parrot. You just ostracized yourself from humans and parrots. Go see if the rabbits will take you in.

It’s gotta be terrible to be taken down by a bird. You think you got everything figured out, Think you got all your bases covered getting away with murder would be a cinch.  Then out of no where, you have Tucan Sams distant cousin eavesdropping on your business and in your prison. That will be quite the story to tell your new friends at chow



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