Details OF Michael Oher’s 911 Call Don’t Help Michael Oher

Bleacher Report The Uber driver who accused Michael Oher of assault alleged that the former Carolina Panthers left tackle bit him when he was drunk.According to the Tennessean’s Natalie Neysa Alund, Uber driver Girma Berkess told 911 dispatchers Oher was “drunk” and “trying to attack him” when he gave him a ride on April 14. “I’m (being) attacked right now,” Berkess said on the call. “He just attacked me!”Shortly thereafter, Berkess exclaimed that Oher bit him on his back. In May, Oher turned himself in to Nashville police on a misdemeanor assault citation, according to the Charlotte Observer’s Joseph Person and LaVendrick Smith.The initial police report stated Oher was drunk, and that Berkess alleged he pushed and kicked him following a dispute over the ride fare. “In (Oher’s) rage, he called (the driver) a derogatory homophobic term several times and threatened the (driver) with physical violence,” a lawsuit filed against Oher states, according to Alund. “(Oher) then ordered the (driver) to pull over at a Mapco gas station so (Oher) and his friends could urinate.”Oher is reportedly scheduled to appear in court on the assault charge Oct. 31. On Thursday, the Panthers released the 31-year-old after he sat out the final 13 games of the 2016 season due to a concussion.  

Let me first say that there won’t be any Blind Side jokes or references in this blog. They’ve been done already and it’s time to move on. There, I feel better getting that out of the way.

Not good news for Michael Oher. Not good at all. He pretty much broke every unwritten rule there is for being an a passenger in an Uber besides committing murder. He argues with the driver about the amount of the fair even though you can see how much it’s going to be before you get in the car, but he was so annihilated he had no idea if he was holding or a phone or if a phone was holding him, called the driver a homophobic slur, threatened the driver with violence over the amount of the fair which led to Oher pushing, kicking and strangely biting the driver. He’ll appear on Oct 31(spooky) for assualt charges. Essentially, he acted like the worst person ever. Adding insult to injury, the Panthers released him this past Thursday but that might of happened anyways due to Oher missing 13 games last year with a concussion. This obviously didn’t help his cause to stay in Carolina.

He’s a 31 year old tackle whose had pretty decent success in the league but for the last few years, when he’s been on the field he’s just been okay. Nothing to write home about. Guys who can play left tackle in the NFL will always be coveted.  Take a guy like Branden Albert. He was awesome in Kansas City but started having knee issues, went to Miami and was solidish but continued to miss games with knee issues and was traded to the Jaguars where he’ll probably not play all 16 games and will be gone after the year where he’ll get another look by another team. Oher could be a guy who gets brought into a camp after minicamps get started and guys start going down with injury. Or he never plays again. That’s dynamite analysis if there ever was any.

Who knows what his next move will be. There’s an opening down at his former college of Ole Miss so maybe he puts in for that. They seem like they’re into hiring guys who will fracture an occasional law. Orrrr maybe he gets into acting and plays himself in the sequel to The Blind Side called The Blinder Side. Whoops, I just mentioned the Blind Side.

It’s really not hard being a passenger in an uber. Me personally, I like to chat with the person driving. I know that’s not every favorite thing but I do it so that I can earn their trust so that if they ever do snap and go on a murderous killing spree, which they’ve done before, they’ll be like this guy in the Eddie Jones jersey, he’s alright, he can live.”

Look at that rating. That’s a rating that gets you to the next day





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