Open Championship Weekend Sort of Preview

So thanks to Sid you got a preview for the British open. I was going to also write one Wednesday night but I ended up going out and getting way drunker than I thought I was going to get. These things happen.

I’m glad it did happen because, like Sid, I also loved Tommy Fleetwood. Thought for sure he was going to have a strong tournament. Well he barely made the cut at +5.

Well now that I had the opportunity to watch the first two rounds let’s do a little weekend sort of preview.  I’m calling what I do here sort of previews because it’s really just who I’m placing some bets on.  Calling it an actual preview would be an insult to previews everywhere.

Jordan is a HEAVY favorite at +150 going into the weekend even though he only holds a 2 shot lead. I like throwing a little on Kuchar (+700)and Rory (+650) and hope one of them hits. Kuchar has played solid and Rory started to finally look like himself again.  Rory was walking around like he was feeling it again.

Let’s all pray for the Jordan/Rory final group Sunday. I have a semi just thinking about it.

Also for all you Bubba haters out there things started not 100% going his way and he started folding like the loser baby he is.  This was very fun to watch this morning before work.  He was able to bounce back a little to get back to E but he doesn’t have the temperament to deal with a course like this.






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