Out Of No Where: The Timberwolves Hilariously Roast Dave Chappelle

Ohhhhhhh Snapppppppp! I think the ref is going to take a point away because that was COLDDDDD BLOOOODEDDDD!!!! In a time where everyone is concentrating on Lebron beating the crap out of Kyrie the Timberwolves wanted to show everyone that they have some fight in them too so they go ahead and straight body up Dave Chappelle. No way Chappelle saw this onslaught coming. I’m sure he knew a video of him coming up short several times was out there but I don’t think he ever thought it would ever come back to haunt him like this. The craftsmanship from it being called I’m Brick James to the solid jabs of how he started the renovations of the Target center with all the “bricks” he laid out there, this long con of a video is everything you need in a roast. I only hope that Chappelle recovers from this beatdown and comes back even harder at the Timberwolves. Since he’s one of the funniest people on the planet, I’m sure he can figure out the precise way to strike back.

PS- Smart move for Chappelle to blame his weak game on that night to the fact that he’s been drinking. Real veteran move





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