Julio Jones Loses $150K Earring And Sends Dive Team To Find It

Espn Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones recently took a tumble off a Jet Ski, and when he emerged from the lake waters, he was missing something.One of his diamond earrings, reportedly valued at about $150,000, had fallen out.So the All-Pro receiver hired a dive team to scour Georgia’s Lake Lanier to recover the lost jewelry, according to a report by WXIA-TV in Atlanta.Divers, who went as far down as 65 feet, came up empty-handed on Tuesday, WXIA reported.”It’s down in crevasses and nooks and crannies,” Richard Pickering, one of the salvage divers, told WXIA. “It’s impossible — absolutely impossible.”Asked whether the earring was worth $100,000, Jones told WXIA, “Yeah, yeah, it was worth a little bit.”Jones’ jeweler said the earring is worth $150,000.Jones, who reports to Falcons training camp on Wednesday, said he’s just glad no one got hurt when he fell off the Jet Ski.”As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff,” he told WXIA. “You can always get that kind of stuff back.”

Now I never owned anything that cost more than a few thousand dollars let alone anything near the 150K mark so I guess I can’t 100% be sure what I would do if I lost something that cost that much into a lake. But if I lost my 150K diamond earring in a lake I would like to think I would just yell profanities in the air for a solid f̶e̶w̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶s̶ hour and understand that there is no universe that exists that I’m getting it back regardless of how many people I have dive down in the water to find it. But I’m also not a multi millionaire athlete who has the money to pay professional divers to spend their work day searching for something the size of a penny at the bottom of a lake with an infinite amount of rocks and other objects that are the size of a penny. So perhaps I would send the dive team because I can.

Julio has to face the facts that 1. his team lost the super bowl when they were up by 25 points with 17 minutes left and that he was underutilized and 2. this earring is gone forever. Probably lying in the gut of a rainbow trout by now.

Happy that this dive team that Julio hired got essentially a day off. I’m sure when they get the call that they have to search a lake that that generally always means that they have to recover a few bodies. So I’m sure when they were told that they had to look for an earring they immediately relieved and were just going for a swim. Not a bad day of work on a Wednesday for a diver.

I hope this leads this to fleets of treasure hunters getting their wet suits and goggles ready so that they can take a crack at trying to find Julio’s booty. Like they send one of those vessels that discovered the Titanic or better yet, Steve Zissou gets the Belafonte back in action and begins the hunt for Julio’s booty.



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