What’s The Point Of A Coke Zero Without Sugar?

The brain trust at Coca Cola have decided that Coke Zero is a terrible drink and no one gives a rip about it. So instead of just letting it die completely, they’re going with a whole new formula that they’re calling Coke Zero Sugar. Oh but don’t worry, there’s a new improved taste so it’s all good.

What I don’t understand is if there’s no calories and no sugar, then what will taste like? I’m sure it will somehow, vaguely still taste like cola but it will be an even more, way flatter cola than the Coke Zero was. Couldn’t tell you the last time I had a Coke Zero but I’m pretty sure it’s been at least 7 years since I had that soda resembled a soda that’s been left out in the open without a top taste for a few days. Get rid of the sugar and you have a recipe for a major swing and a miss.

Unless…. Unless the new and improved taste isn’t exactly an brand new formula. Little history less boys and girls, but there has been a lot of evidence that at one time the secret to Coca Cola’s lovely flavor was actually cocaine. Here’s the link for you history buffs. Maybe that’s the only way to make a soda without calories and sugar drinkable.

I wish Coca Cola would just push the crap out of vanilla coke. Now that was a soda you could get behind especially turning it into a float. I also really wish that 20 years from now people aren’t clamoring for original Coke Zero like Pepsi did with the clear Pepsi. Clear Pepsi was fun while Coke Zero was gross.




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