Brady Owns The Jets Because Google Says So

All the Jets wanted to do was have one final day before they begin their training camp. One last evening to take it all in and begin the tough road journey where a near 100 guys will lace them up and eventually be whittled away to 53 guys who are all fighting to be the best team in football. Of course, they’re the Jets and that’s nothing more than a pipe dream, but something you’ll hear about a million times from now until the end of week 1 is that every team is 0-0, even if you’re the NY Jets. There’s a bit of comfort in that phrase until fans of averageish teams like myself realize in the first quarter of the first week that the squad they’re watching doesn’t have it.

Well the Jets just took a L before they put the pads on in the form of Google which today says that the team owner of the Jets is not Woody Johnson but in fact it is Tom Brady. Now there hasn’t been any official documents released stating that this is false, but if Google is saying it has to be true.

Brady has pretty much had his way with everyone in the league since he took over in 2000, except maybe for the Jets in state rival the Giants, but he has been especially punishing to Gang Green with a 23-7 record and a 44/13 TD/INT ratio. But this apparent “glitch” by google showing Brady as the owner of the Jets is just something that can derail a season before it even starts. Don’t be surprised if you see the Jets not report to camp tomorrow and just take the year off. Wouldn’t blame them all and maybe Brady owning them wouldn’t be the worst thing. Can’t be worse then Woody owning them



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