If You Had MMA Training As To What Tim Duncan Is Doing Now Youre A Sorcerer

This is not what I had in mind for the Big Fundamental. Nope, I had him pegged on being a guy that does something very practical in retirement like investing in a franchise or just sitting in a room staring at the wall all day. I didn’t have him training with a Rob Van Dam look-a-like trying to develop a leg kick that could decapitate just about everyone on the planet.

You see Tim Duncan walk down the street you think oh there’s the mild mannered big man who’s very polite and will never say anything bad about you, lets say hello. You see Tim Duncan walking down the street wearing a Punisher t-shirt and you know that you are seconds away from him treating your head like a football. Just look at how methodical he approaches his strikes. You may think that he’s not throwing or kicking hard at all, but you’d be dead wrong. He’s conserving energy. He knows the exact amount of energy he needs to exude with every move. He’s not going to waste anything and he’s going to have every angle figured out with extreme precision.

My only question is how is the 5 time NBA champion is going to incorporate a bank shot into his arsenal? Maybe he’ll use the bank shot as a finishing move. That be awesome. Either way, all UFC and MMA fighters you’re now on notice. If you see a 109ft shadow hanging over you, know that it’s probably Tim Duncan looking to systematically break you down.



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