The Jarvis Landry Contract Situation Is Starting To Make Me Nervous

For the longest time I’ve believed that the Dolphins couldn’t be this dumb about whether or not they were going to resign their young, getting better year after year talented receiver to a long term deal.  Though I know that Miami is very capable of making stupid decisions and somehow always find a way to make themselves look like the most inept franchise in sports, I figured no way they would mess this up. You finally get an offensive skilled position player that not just seems like the real deal, he actually is the real deal, so you do what you can to keep that player on your team as long as you can and enjoy the prime of his career.

Well that’s not what has happened so far. It’s been 7 months into the off season, training camp has started and Jarvis Landry is still playing on his rookie deal. Okay, I can handle that a bit. There’s still about 5 weeks until the season officially starts so no doubt they’ll get it worked out before then right? Surely the owner will get this done right?

“He’s a great player. No question about it. I think he’s handling himself well. He didn’t hold out,” Ross said when asked about Landry at his annual state of the franchise address on Thursday. “It’s not a question if we don’t sign [Landry] now we lose him. We can franchise him [in 2018] and go from there. There’s a lot of opportunity for him to stay here. I hope he stays here because he’s a great player.”

That’s what Miami’s owner Stephen Ross said. Basically saying that a deal is not important at the moment and we can always franchise him. Oh but there’s more

“It’s not really mandatory to do it before the season,”

No friggin duh it’s not mandatory to do it before the season. But you know what it is? It’s the right thing to do because Landry is very good at what he does and he makes this team better. He’s tied with OBJ with most catches in their first 3 years with 288 and is the practically the only guy Tannehill looks for on 3rd down. A guy who openly looks for contact when when he gets the ball in his hands and is one of toughest guys to tackle in the league. A guy who has some of the sweetest open field moves for a non RB that I’ve ever seen. He’s a guy who’s earned the big payday and to play fast and loose with him is a potential mistake. If he puts up even similar numbers to last year, he’ll be getting major offers from several teams. Does Miami seem to care about that? Noperz. You kind of get the feeling that the team doesn’t believe he can hold up for another year due to his physical style and will see what he looks like after the year. Maybe if he gets hurt they can knock the price down. I know that’s a real cynical way to look at it but I don’t have any good reasons why signing Landry wasn’t a top priority. And don’t want to hear anything about him not getting along with coaches and that he’s to vocal or something small like that.

Landry has also been a guy who has said that he won’t negotiate a contract after the season starts and will also not hold out. Kind of taking the betting on himself approach is nice to here. I’ll never bash a player for holding out like LeVeon Bell is doing right now because that’s their business. But, it’s a bit refreshing to have a player that at least says that he’s all about the team and that he wants to be there with the guys for the start of camp. It’s just more comforting to have a player doing that than a guy who won’t report to camp.

Stop playing around with him and get the deal done because we need a guy who plays like this



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