Here’s The Deal: Mission Tortilla Chips Are The Best Salsa Dipping Chip

Since the dawn of time, people have enjoyed chips and salsa. It’s a combination that is right at the top of the food pairing chart. In some circles it’s #1. That being said, I’ve been in to many situations where I’m looking to dine with some chips and salsa only to get rejected by the jar of salsa. A more weak look, I cannot recall. It feels bad to get checked by a jar. This has happens to countless people everyday. Where they go in for a dip with their Tostitos chip and like Mutombo sending the ball into the 6th row, you can’t fit your hand into the jar once you go about 2 inches down into the jar. If you try and be a hero you run the risk of having this happen to you

Now I know that you folks are reasonable people and you don’t want to look like an idiot trying to fit your hand in a jar. But the problem is, the material that you’re typically using isn’t built for what you need it do.

How are you’re possibly supposed to get anything done after the first layer of salsa is gone with chips in the shape of this?

The answer is you can’t get anything done. What happens is that the chip breaks apart and you get some broken down version of the chip you originally had and  more than likely get salsa on your fingers.

I can already hear you guys saying “well Surnn, what about the scoops, surely they can solve this problem?”

Hiding behind the argument that the scoops will solve everything is to not fully grasp the entire problem here. Your hand can’t fit into the jar and the regular Tostitos chips and the scoops don’t help that universal fact out.

But there is a chip out there that takes into account the size of human’s hand and picks up the slack. And that is the Mission Tortilla Strips. Here’s what they look live

Just look at that innovation. If the Titanic had anywhere near the ingenuity that these tortilla chips have Jack Dawson would of lived a long worthwhile life. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. That design right there gives the person all the freedom in the world to get in real deep on a jar of salsa. You don’t have to worry about anything breaking off or having your knuckles clang against the glass. You’ve got smooth sailings.

I’m sure your minds have been sufficiently blown by all of this and after you put your brain back in your head you’re probably wondering where can I find these. I get them at Giant but they’re only located on a small end-cap near the dairy section, which is nearly on the opposite side of where the chips aisle is. Leads me to believe that Tostitos is trying to keep Mission down. I say let’s show them they can’t keep us down any longer and that if they think that we’re okay with inadequate chip design that leads to frustration that they’ve another thing coming. Rise up

PS- And if you say why don’t you just put the salsa in a bowl to avoid all of this, I say get off my planet with that kind of thinking




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