Rick And Morty Is Back Baby!!!!!

At long last the wait is finally over. Rick and Morty returns tonight officially. Yes I know they went rogue and released the first episode to season 3 on April Fools Day a year and a half after season 2 ended. A year and a half that Mr. Poopy Butthole predicted. But tonight ushers in the legit beginning of season 3 and man I can’t wait. We already got a glimpse at the rest of season 3

So pumped for tonight and yes that means a 31 year old man is mega excited for a cartoon. I’m very comfortable with that. If you aren’t, you have a problem. So many questions. Where’s Jerry? Do they get Jerry back? Who’s the Vindicators? Why is Rick Pickle Rick? Do we see the Counsel Of Ricks again? Does Morty actually get farted on by an invisible Rick? There’s a billion ways it can go.

The amount of fan theory videos I’ve watched on youtube is staggering. The amount of inter-dimensional clips that I’ve viewed is nothing short of heroic. And that’s what makes the show so perfect. Besides the fact that is the funniest show going right now and yes I’m aware that Always Sunny and Southpark are still out there, but I stand by my claim, you can find individual clips of exactly what you want to find on youtube. It’s all so fantastic.

I really hope they have another inter-dimensional cable episode. I get the feeling the creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon might not want to do that because they feel it’s a bit easy. But me and everyone else can’t get enough of them. So friggin ridiculous. If I was on death row, and I was allowed to watch one more clip before they execute me I think I’d lean this




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