Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 2 Review

This review is filled with spoilers about the latest episode of Rick and Morty. If you you were unaware of that when you clicked on this, then you need to look up what the word review means.

Rick and Morty picked up last night and it didn’t disappoint. However, I feel that though this episode had its funny moments and can’t miss wild comments from Rick that there was an overall a̶r̶c̶ theme to the episode that kept the story flowing in one direction. That a̶r̶c̶ theme was how the family is dealing with the departure of Jerry.

Jerry is out of the house and is in the process of getting divorced. The episode starts with him visiting the house to collect his belongings. Not gonna lie, but I felt pretty bad for Jerry here. That hat and coat he’s wearing just screams lonely. Also being subtlety called a loser by the wind is not a good feeling.

The majority of the episode takes place in the Mad Max post apocalyptic world that we saw in the season 3 trailer that was released a month ago. The reason they are there is because Summer wanted to do anything as long as it was not being around her dad. While there, Rick, Morty and Summer run into a gang called the Death Stalkers who are naturally trying to kill them. Rick decided he wants to stay there a bit longer so that he can obtain a big green rock that can power tons of stuff. Sound familiar?

The real star of the episode is Summer who is a much more vocal and dominating character due to the pending divorce of her parents. She’s much more rigid and has even less of a problem of throwing caution to the wind than she used to be. She was killing all types of things, gets into a relationship with the leader of the Death Stalkers and was completely fine with living in the post apocalyptic world full time. It certainly looks like Summer will be a much bigger apart of Rick and Morty’s adventures.

Morty is also taking the problems with his parents hard. Not as behavior altering as Summer, but he’s still trying to figure out where he stands with the whole thing. Most of the episode Morty has a giant left arm that he obtains after Rick injects him with a liquid that puts all the strength from the giant arm into him. He’s got a big strong, damn arm okay!? At the beginning, it seems he wants his parents together. But through the episode he learns that whatever his Mom decides to feel about it is the way he’ll go. At least that’s how he feels currently.

Here’s what the arm looks like

Even Rick recognizes that he isn’t dealing with his daughters divorce well and actually says “I am not dealing with this in a healthy way at alllll.” It’s surprising he says that because Rick generally isn’t one that admits that he cares about anything especially anyone that’s not him. Character development by the boatload.

Beth is classically confused and unsure how to feel about life without Jerry. Sometimes she acts as if she doesn’t care that he’s gone, other times she feel like the family needs him to be there. I’m sure she’ll flip flop with this throughout the season.

This episode was good in terms of laughs but was fantastic in story development. It’s going to be so good seeing Jerry interacting with everyone when they have to do visitation stuff and when Rick has times with him. I can make bold predictions about where things will go, but since Roiland and Harmon are a million times smarter than me, I’m sure I won’t be anywhere near close. I’ll save that prediction closer to the end of the season. One minor prediction I’ll make is that I think the gang will return to the Mad Max world. I say that because there is a scene where Rick, Morty and the leader of death stalkers are sitting on his couch in the Mad Max world

In the season 3 trailer, there’s a scene where Rick and Beth are in the same room

Maybe it’s something, maybe it’s nothing. Just saying I think we’ll see the Mad Max world again.





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