I Relate To This Woman Who Got Arrested For Battery After Her Brother Stole Her Chicken Nuggets

PalmBeachPost A family feud involving chicken nuggets led to a Florida woman serving some jail time. On Sunday, Asia Iesha Jimenez, 20, of Bradenton, was at home feeding her son when Jimenez’s brother stole food from her plate, The Smoking Gun reported. This really ticked off Jimenez, so she “threw several chicken nuggets at him and told him to stop,” according to The Smoking Gun. Punches were then exchanged between the siblings before their mother stepped in and ended the fight, The Smoking Gun reported. Jimenez was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Her brother took off before police had arrived.

We’ve all been there. You sit down with a lovely spread of food, food you’ve been looking forward for hours. You sit down and begin to realize what a good choice you made on food selection and then someone rolls in with no regard for human life and snatches what belongs to you without remorse. You see red, flip out and try and lunge at them but they’re always on foot when they commit the disgusting act. You cool down, say don’t even try it ever again, take a breath and salvage what you got left. Few of us act like Asia here and start throwing what’s left of our tasty meal at the person who dine and dashed us and even less of us have started a fist fight with that person. But we’ve all wished for the worst for that person. Like, we immediately hope for an asteroid to hit that person and only that person.

What’s even worse is that after Asia’s mother had to break up the fight between her daughter and son with Asia’s son in the room, who she was feeding, Asia was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery while the real guilty party the brother left before the cops got there. Where’s the justice? He steals her delicious nuggets and gets away with it. A regular young Bernie Madoff. I just hope this jerk ends up becoming an older Bernie Madoff.

At least we can all take solace in the fact that young Asia has very good taste in comfort foods. Chicken nuggets are an all-timer, an absolute good. I don’t think it’s even possible to dislike them. Even if you’re a hardcore vegan you have to cave when it comes to chicken nuggets.

Quick Top 5 Sauces To Use With Chicken Nuggets

5. BBQ

4. Sriracha

3. Honey Mustard

2. Ranch

1. McDonalds Hot Mustard





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