We’re Officially In Lets Discuss The Importance Of NFL Camp Fights Season

Not a year goes by not a year that I don’t have to hear the sports world discuss if fights that happen in NFL training camps if they’re really important or not. You can set your watch to it. I know it’s going to happen every year and it still annoys me so much. I guess that can probably fall under the old expecting different results while doing the same things is insanity mantra that some philosophical windbags like to tell other people when they’re having a good day. I know everyone is dying for football to begin so that we can reprogram our lives, but I really do loathe listening to sports radio on my way to work and the question that has to be posed to generally an ex player “do fights in camp matter” because the answer is always the same; absolutely not. That’s the answer given every time. It’s the same thing when we eventually will get footage of teammates arguing on the sidelines during an actual game and the next day we have to hear from countless ex players say that that kind of thing happens all the time. It just so insufferable to keep hearing.

Actual footage of me every time I hear this topic brought up

Yesterday we had a few fights. The opening brawl was Julian Edleman vs. Stephon Gilmore

On the undercard we had TY Hilton vs. Vontae Davis

And for the main event we had a handicapped match between the rather calm and mild mannered Vontaez Burfict vs. the Cincinnati Bengals

I have absolutely no problem with these fights happening. It’s a violent game, it’s hot and you’re wired to go out and crush people. Fights are going to happen. And we know no one is really going to get hurt from any of these scuffles because all the other guys on the field break it up quick unless you’re Mike Newhouse picking a fight with Clint at the beerbust.  Plus, not sure if you know this, but they’re wearing pads which makes it difficult to really get at anybody. And sorry this isn’t the same as Geno Smith getting worked by that linebacker because he owed him money. That had nothing to do with on the field actions.

It’s only a few days into camp and we’re going to get more of these fights and we’re undoubtedly going to get more discussion on if they really matter. I understand that, I accept that. Doesn’t mean I have to like it and it’s probably therapeutic to get my rage out in this form instead of something more destructive. Credit to me and my stress handling abilities.




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