I’m Rooting For Jared Lorenzen

Jared Lorenzen also known as the “hefty lefty” has always been big but he’s currently hoovering around 500lbs. He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2008 and hasn’t played professionally since 2011 where he won the league MVP in the Ultimate Indoor Football League with the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. This video should answer some questions you may have about Jared

I don’t claim to know Jared Lorenzen but the guy seems like real likable, regular guy who just wants to be there for his kids. The part where he says that he thinks people wouldn’t be surprised if one day he didn’t wake up due to his weight really is eye opening because he’s right.

I also understand that the only reason I know who Jared Lorenzen is because he was a QB that weighed 3oolbs. I remember being a kid and seeing his highlights at Kentucky and being amazed that a QB could be that big and be able to move as well as he did. It was mesmerizing while also being baffling. Like watching a square peg finally get through round hole. It was fun at the time. Then he went to the Giants and he didn’t play much. I do remember a game where they brought him in so he could get a 3rd and 1 and the guy moved the pile and the place went nuts. And that was that. Didn’t hear from him until a 6 years ago where he was playing for that indoor football team. I was like “wow, can’t believe this guy is still playing and moving like that.” And again, didn’t hear anything from him for years. Now he’s reached a point where his health is affecting the way he’s  interacting with his kids. So Jared decided enough is enough and is going to change his life and he’s going to document it.

I hope somewhere down the road we see a picture of him slimmed down like we’ve recently seen Jonah Hill. Just looking healthy. Best to luck on your journey and remember that when you see the J-Train coming that it’s best to get off the tracks




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